Admission Policy
Academic Year : The academic year is from 01 April of the current year to 31 March of the ensuing year.
Admission Period : Forms admissions for the ensuing academic year will be opened from March till end of
  July. Admissions for service personnel will be open throughout the year.
Inclusive Education
INCLUSIVE EDUCATION- School believes in Inclusive Education and for this purpose every child is provided a common platform to learn irrespective of their special needs. The Resource Room has been established to further provide special therapies and attention to the special children.
Age Limit
No Child above the age of six years will be admitted. The minimum age limit for admitting children in the pre primary classes of the school will be as under as on 01 Apr of the academic year:-
Nursery Above 03 years
LKG Above 04 years
UKG Above 05 years
Proof of Age
The following documents will be accepted as proof of age:-
In case of defense personnel, extract of record of service duly attested by the commanding officer will be
  accepted as a conclusive proof for age of their children.
Birth certificate issued by military / civil hospital, municipal boards including the office of registrar of births
  and deaths. Village Pantheist Certificate without an affidavit will not be accepted.

Parents may withdraw their child from the school anytime after giving notice in writing. No reasons for withdrawal will be required. However, date of withdrawal will be mentioned in the notice.