Fee Structure*
The fee for the session is as follows:-
  Army wards
Registration Fee 400/-
Admission Fee 1500/-
Annual Charges 1500/-
Security Deposit 2000/-
Tuition Fee 1500/-
Worksheet & Stationery (Annually) 350/-
Total 7250/-
* Subject to Change
Payment of School Fees
Fees will be charged for the complete month even if a student attends classes only for a day during the month. Fees for the month of May & June is Applicable to all cases except children who are taking admission in mid session & have already paid fees for may & June in previous APPS.

Personnel of paramilitary forces, GREF, MES, defence civilian paid out of defence estimates and other civilians employed in military establishments. Will pay fees at par with army personnel. At the time of admission they will provide a certificate from their officer, stating their equivalent status.
The fees can be paid through online by clicking on given link.

Pay Online
For Admission in Mid-Session
For admission in mid session, tuition fee will be charged from the month of admission. In addition, annual fees & admission fees will also be charged, unless the child is a transfer case from one APPS to the other and is able to produce a proof that he has already paid the Annual Fee in the last school.
However, Admission fee will be charged for all fresh/transfer cases.
Fee Collection Rules
Date of Admission : Date of Admission will be the date on which fees/charges as enumerated above are
  paid in full.
Fee Collection : Fee is collected on a quarterly basis i.e. in April, July, October & January at HDFC Bank
  Branch at Cariappa Marg from 5th to 25th of every month.
Fee Booklet : Parents will be issued a fee booklet for each child and fee will be deposited in the bank as per
  the fee booklet.
Due Date of Payment : Fees will be deposited by parents by 25th day of the month in the bank by cheque or
Late Fee Charges : Rs25/- as fine will be charged for every month of delay after 25th of the month.
Refunds : Refunds of charges/fees once paid will not be accorded in normal course.