Learning Environment

We offer a stimulating environment in which activities are available to give the children the time to explore, experiment and to develop through their learning experiences.

Outdoor Facilities
Vast Playgrounds Snakes & Ladders
Children Park – Swings & Slides Traffic Park
Adventure Lsland (Tyre Park) Manav Herbal Park
Animal Park Amazement Park
Platforms under trees for interactive sessions Obstacle Course
Sand pit with moulds & implements Basketball Field
Menagerie of rabbits, duck pond & aquarium Sensory Park
CCTV Cameras    
Indoor Facilities
The future of the world is in my classroom- Resource Room
Smart Class
Kids Outdoor Gym
Well lit, airy classrooms with bright colored furniture.
Print rich environment.
Teacher made materials like dominoes, flash cards, picture cards, charts, puppets, etc.
Well equipped activity room.
Audio visual room.
Multi purpose Hall.
Latest Computer Lab for UKG New
Other Amenities
Safe drinking water through RO Machine. New
Clean & child friendly toilets.
Teaching Staff

The school has trained, skilled and supportive teaching staff who focus on the overall development of the children. The teachers are selected with great care. They have imbibed the traditions, values, and teaching methods of the school. The teachers are regularly exposed to in-service training to upgrade their skills and learn new and appropriate teaching methods. This offers them the opportunity to innovate. Our guiding principle is

“If I can’t learn the way you teach
Then teach me the way I can learn.”
Transportation Facilities
Following school buses are available only for army personnel.
Bus No 59 Neelmatha, 11 GRRC MI Room, Abhimanyu line, Manoj Pandey chowk, Topkhana, AMC ADM BN, New Shia line, Hudson line, Walking plaza, St. Paul school, B.S. Marg, peer baba, MGSF, Thimayya chowk, Mayawati chowk, Sanjog Chhetri Vihar
Bus No 50 PCDA, Anand Nagar, Kailash Puri, New Victoria line, Bhagat line,
Bus No 51 LBS Marg, Telibagh Nehar, Hanuman Mandir, Dada Biryani, Devi Khera, ITT Bn AMC
Bus No 48 MGSF, Gurudwara, Usman road, NGFA, OGFA,
Bus No 58 Telibagh Nehar, Hanuman Mandir, Dada Biryani, Devi Khera, Chhoti lal Kurti

As the possibility of a bus-service depends on the number of children commuting on a certain route, we are unable to guarantee the facility.

However, it is always the school’s attempt to provide reliable transport whenever possible.
Bus Boarding Cards
Colour coded identity cards for children and parents have been introduced to ensure safe and correct dispersal of children after school. The child will be handed over only to the bearer of parent card.
Home-School Links
We believe that we are partners with the parents in the education of our children. Regular communication between the school and the home is therefore necessary. We greatly value parental involvement and believe that it will help their child to achieve more. There are many ways in which parents can take part.
They are helping your child to settle into the school setting so that s/he feels happy and safe with us.
Exchanging knowledge about your children’s needs, activities, interests and progress with the teacher.
Helping at sessions when required.
Sharing your own special interests with the children.
Taking part in events organized by the school.
Attending regular parent-teacher meets.
A parent orientation is held at the start of every academic session. During the year parents are invited to the school for their children’s class performance and for special events. Unless there is a medical emergency teachers do not meet parents during their teaching time. However, the principal is always happy to see parents between 10.00 am. To 11.30 am. For any issue related to their children. We value help in the school from the parents. Any parent able to help with music, art & craft, drama, dance or any other skill is free to meet the Principal to discuss possibilities.